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Presenting the Worlds Finest
Ultra-light Backpacking Stove


Here's a few of the specifications:

  • Weighs just over 1.7 ounces (52 grams)

  • Uses environmentally friendly denatured alcohol for fuel

  • 2 ounce (60 ml) fuel capacity

  • The pot stand and stabilizer feet are built in and conveniently swing away to fit neatly inside most cook pots. (Packing size is about 3 inches by 3 inches.

  • Super stable 5+ inches (143mm) of "foot print" area practically eliminates the danger of tipping your meal over on the ground!
  • Pot stand safely supports over 20 pounds.

  • Works with most any size cook wear from 3 3/4 inches (100mm) on up to 8 inches (204mm)in diameter.

  • Constructed of aluminum, brass and spring-temper stainless steel for light weight, exceptional durability and outstanding corrosion resistance.

The Heat out-put is Fully Adjustable

Although several of its parts began life as a beverage container, this is NOT yet another pop-can alcohol burner.

The FeatherFire is a true stove that you can actually cook real meals with instead of just heating some water.

It gives you complete heat control so you can boil, fry, simmer and even bake!

By simply turning a knob you can incrementally regulate or “fine tune” your stove to give you exactly the amount of heat you need.

And because the adjustment knob is conveniently located on the outside of your windscreen, you do NOT need to move anything out of the way or risk burning your fingers.

This unique feature allows you to maximize your fuel economy!

The FeatherFire is Hassle-Free

  • NO pot stand to set up. Just swing the legs out and set it down

  • NO filler-hole screws or caps to fiddle with (or lose...)

  • NO measuring. Just squirt some fuel into the 1 inch (25mm) wide hole in the top. All unused fuel is easily recovered.

  • NO priming. Just light the stove and start cooking.

  • NO wasted fuel. When you're done just put it out.

  • COMPLETELY RELIABLE. Even though the FeatherFire is fully adjustable, there is virtually nothing that can go wrong with it.

Basically all you need to do is pour in some fuel and light it. (You'll be eating while your buddies are still pumping up their stoves!)

The FeatherFire flat-out performs!

All of the great features described above would be meaningless if the FeatherFire didn't get the job done quickly and efficiently, right? Well be assured that it does.

Here's a letter we recently received from a member of our U.S. Armed Forces:

To Whom it may Concern:

I recently purchased a FeatherFire stove to add to my emergency services kit. In fact, it is so light that I include it in my aircraft survival kit. Last weekend I had my first chance to use it during our annual winter survival training. My first reaction was WOW! The unit is well engineered and the essence of simplicity. I was heating my meal while others were still struggling with their complicated stoves. I have been recommending it to everyone! Also, it fits perfectly inside the Snowpeak Minisolo Titanium Cookset. Keep up the good work!


Bob Baker
Harrison Maine

During our extensive testing phase** we were able to consistently bring 16 ounces (2 cups, ˝ liter) of 60° water to a true boil (digitally measured) in a little over 5 minutes using about 1/2 oz. (15ml) of fuel.
**(Test conditions detailed below.)

Here's a letter we recently received from a AT Thru-Hiker:

Hi Dave,

I completed my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with your stove! I wanted to thank you for your product that worked efficiently and never once failed me on my five month adventure.


Emily R.

But that's not all!

Using the flame control feature of the FeatherFire stove we were consistently able to bring 16 ounces of 60° water to a true boil in just over 6 minutes and then keep it simmering for another 18 minutes using less than 1 ounce of fuel. That's over 20 minutes of cooking time using less fuel than most stoves use just to boil that much water!

To accomplish this we let the stove reach operating full temperature (about a minute) and then gradually turned down the flame. So if you're not in a big hurry the FeatherFire stove can also give you ultra fuel economy!

Here's an email from another happy hiker:


I have to admit, you had me when I first saw my first Featherfire, the quality and precision of construction are quite impressive, well thought out and superbly crafted.... I also just discovered that it nests perfectly on top of a Snowpeak 330 mug, actually locks on with the pot support, then still fits in the 450 mug, then nests in the standard snowpeak sets. I'd put that on the website if I were you,
[Ok we will!] but try to remain humble!

But my latest experience puts it over the top. One ounce of Heet, 2 cups of water, I wanted to see how long it would simmer on the lowest setting. After 25 minutes, enough was enough, turned it up to medium, the (now hot) water achieved a rolling boil in just over a minute. I turned it back down let it simmer to the 30 minute mark and capped the stove. There was still 1/2 ounce of Heet left! Turns out the Featherfire is even more efficient heating slowly which makes it perfect for hard noodles and rice.

So I'm ordering a 2nd for my girlfriend...

Good luck with taking over the world alcohol stove market. You deserve it!


The bottom line is this...

You will love your FeatherFire stove... We guarantee it.

Hikers everywhere are setting aside their gas and canister stoves for the super light-weight and ultra reliability of alcohol stoves.

The FeatherFire is the only alcohol stove that will let you lighten your pack without compromising on quality or performance.

We are so certain that you will be amazed by the quality, performance and versatility of your stove that we will allow you to return the stove to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price and no questions asked.

**Test conditions: Altitude 2100 feet, ambient temperature between 68° and 72° F., No wind, 60° water temperature was measured with a digital thermometer accurate to one tenth of a degree F. A 4+" diameter coated aluminum pan with a lid was used to hold the water and the lid was left in place through the duration of the test. An aluminum windscreen and reflector base were also used.
The stove was filled with one ounce of fuel and the timer was started immediately after ignition and before the pot was placed on the stand. As soon as the water reached true measured boiling temperature the flame was extinguished and the stove allowed to cool. Then the remaining fuel was measured to determine how much was actually used. Literally hundreds of tests were performed and dozens of the final tests were used to achieve an accurate average. Under the conditions stated the average fuel usage was 16 ml or just under 2/3 fluid ounce.

Actual performance out in the "real world" will vary depending on conditions with wind speed being the factor that can most effect fuel efficiency. Tall narrow cookware (such as mugs) takes longer to achieve a boil than shorter and wider cookware. Alcohol stoves are low pressure devices so a proper windscreen is a must-have accessory.